Impact Digital Art Gallery

Where Art, Web3 Technology and Social, Humanitarian and Environmental Impact walk all together.

Our Main Artist: Vincent Van Block 

Not just a bored Ape, but an IA-Powered Genius Ape. Inspired by and an amusing Tribute to the great post-impressionist Dutch genius Vincent Van Gogh. 

Our Purpose

Impact Digital Art NFT Gallery is a unique Web3 platform that seamlessly blends high-caliber digital art infused with a touch of humor, using cutting edge AI tools and graphic design techniques inspired by classic painting styles in new and contemporary artworks. Our main purpose and mission is to revolutionize the world of NFTs and Social Impact to:

Developed and listed now in the Ethereum/Polygon blockchains but soon we intend to expand for sale multichain NFTs (Solana, BNB, BASE, Bitcoin, etc.): We create captivating NFT collections with diverse limited editions, with the purpose to provide accessibility and ownership across the main blockchains.

Generating positive social, environmental, and humanitarian impact: We are committed to making a difference by donating a significant portion (15% to 25%) of the net sales proceeds from our NFTs to well reputable non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which are dedicated to social, environmental, and humanitarian causes.

Fostering a vibrant community of Art and Web3 enthusiasts and changemakers: We strive to cultivate an inclusive Community where art lovers, collectors, and individuals passionate about social and environmental impact can connect, collaborate, and inspire one another to create the path to a better World and life for all.

At Impact Digital Art NFT Gallery, we believe that art has the power to transform lives and nature and shape a better world. Join us on this journey as we redefine the NFT landscape and create a real positive impact in the World.

Together, We Can Make the Difference!!

(*) Despite listed in our Marketplace for exhibition purposes, but our NFTs are NOT available for Sale yet! We will only accept bids after the end of the Presale of $IDART (our Utility-Charity Token / Memecoin) at (The Presale ends only after August/2024)!

Impact Entities Supported

15-25% of any NFT Sold by Impact Digital Art will be Donated to a choice of the above indicated Entities and also for future new Entities/NGOs which will be gradually included by Impact Digital Art NFT Gallery.   Our community will be often invited to participate in the choice of the new entities that will receive our donations. 

"What tells the prestigious Ethereum Founder about Web3/Crypto x Philanthropy"

Launch Wall of our NFT Editions

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